Flower Tower

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    1. jsheffer 63 months ago | reply

      Cheryl Boye Ball I printed the border off of the Internet and the number from Microsoft Word and traced them onto the pot and then painted them by hand.

    2. nuala48 63 months ago | reply

      What color did you paint the pots? Love it!

    3. jsheffer 63 months ago | reply

      nuala48 Thanks! The flower growth has exploded and are spilling over each layer now. A welcoming addition to my front entrance. I painted the pots with "Anita's All Purpose Acrylic Craft Paint" from Hobby Lobby. I used several coats of #11344 Coffee. The numbers are in "FolkArt #462 Burnt Umber." Lastly, I covered all pots, inside and out, with several coats of Polyurethane.

    4. lasau7497 62 months ago | reply

      Would you share the pants you used?

    5. jsheffer 62 months ago | reply

      Honestly, the inexpensive bottles of craft paint from Hobby Lobby--the colors listed above. Nothing fancy.

    6. teri_mess 61 months ago | reply

      did you use plastic pots or ceramic/terra cotta? Also would you happen to have link where you got the border, I cant seem to find it? Thanks! Can ya tell I love it :)

    7. jsheffer 61 months ago | reply

      I used terra cotta pots. Sadly, I don't have a link to the border. I just looked on Google images until I found a free one that I liked and printed it off my computer.

    8. teri_mess 61 months ago | reply

      Thank you! Ill keep looking :~) Wonder if it would work with plastic?

    9. jsheffer 61 months ago | reply

      I am sure it would work just fine. Just be sure that your paint is made to adhere to plastic.

    10. idahaynes 49 months ago | reply

      So tell me how does that bottle funnel water to the lower plants Have you put multiple holes in it sort of live a sieve so that each layer of plants are nourished by that one "plastic" water bottle, I of course love the idea, just trying to picture how I would get the same effect.

    11. fred.hatley@att.net 47 months ago | reply

      Hi, I also love this idea. What a classy and cute way to display house No, and so visible for the 911 system. I will certainly give this a try.
      Thank you for sharing!

    12. Let's Be Frank 41 months ago | reply

      What plants did you plant in your flower tower? Thank you!

    13. jsheffer 41 months ago | reply

      I used impatiens since my front porch only receives early morning sun plus a trailing vine in the bottom pot.

    14. Melody383 30 months ago | reply

      I found plastic different color pots at walmart. I am going to make this with them. I love this!

    15. trusper_esthermoran 29 months ago | reply

      I did this and I think it looks gorgeous! I also love your idea of putting your house number below!!!!!!!!! You can get the stickers on Amazon, I saw it on Pinterest and the idea is amazing. I've got a great looking front yard now,
      Thank you!

    16. trusper_esthermoran 29 months ago | reply

      I also put some tulips on the top for the top smaller pot and it looks fantastic and they jut out kind of like your top plant does.
      Thanks again!!!!!!!!!! 😊

    17. 911_laura 16 months ago | reply

      I see the sizes you used for the outside pots, what size did u use for the INSIDES? Thanks. :)

    18. connienorleen 16 months ago | reply

      I love this. Thanks for answering all the questions. You make it easy to duplicate it!!

    19. cjhock000 16 months ago | reply

      I would assume the inside under the 12 inch is another 12 inch. and the inside under the 8 inch is, likewise, another 8 inch.
      Originally saw this on FB with a separate picture that showed the assembly. The other pot is upside down under the one coming up out of it's bottom pot. And the diagram makes them look to be the same size.

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