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Macbook Desk Setup

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My mac desk setup.
*New I have now got a Griffin elevator,
nobody ever adds notes to my pics so please add notes xD

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  1. js1stuff 69 months ago | reply

    Will Dawson™
    Yep I'm running off the macbook.

  2. turtlepear 69 months ago | reply

    thats really nice. i love the stand.
    where did you get your wallpaper?

  3. LewSpeight_Visuals™ 69 months ago | reply

    Hey. What Size Screen is that?

  4. hytek9 67 months ago | reply

    Really like the setup! Love those speakers.. think of going with Swan's M10's myself. Good stuff!! More pics :)

  5. jamesfleeting 67 months ago | reply

    Love the setup. I hope to get mine like this when I order my MBP in a few weeks. Right now I'm on a 24" iMac instead. How do you like the speakers? They are actually the ones on my list to replace these black Creative ones.

  6. js1stuff 67 months ago | reply

    @ twofivethrwwtwo

    there great quality, bass, style!

  7. LewSpeight_Visuals™ 67 months ago | reply

    Heya. is this setup on youtube? im sure i stumbled across it a while ago...

  8. js1stuff 67 months ago | reply

    its is on youtube here it is, is it the one you saw?


  9. LewSpeight_Visuals™ 67 months ago | reply

    haha, yess, the one i saw..
    amazing setup btw :D

  10. YasmineAbdullah 65 months ago | reply

    You have an awesome setup!
    I was thinking of getting an external monitor with a Macbook instead of getting an iMac, would you recommend it?
    I don't focus too well on two computers..

  11. Ryan J. Nicholson 64 months ago | reply

    do you think at the bottom of the macbook elevator thing, their would be enough room for a mac mini, just bought one for my macbook and want to put my mini under t it to give me a little more space on my desk

  12. js1stuff 64 months ago | reply

    Yeah I'm pretty sure I've seen it in pictures before I think do u want me to measure the inside to see if it will fit?

  13. Ryan J. Nicholson 64 months ago | reply

    yeah if thats okay, the mac mini is 6.5'' wide, the height will be fine though as its only 2'' tall

  14. js1stuff 64 months ago | reply

    macnerd93: it's 6.7" wide that will be a perfect fit!

  15. Ryan J. Nicholson 64 months ago | reply

    thanks alot, lol yeah that will be fine

  16. ostenfive 63 months ago | reply

    Nice Macbook stand. Can you tell me where I can get one of those?
    Email: ostenfive105@yahoo.com

  17. jamesfleeting 63 months ago | reply

    Thats the Griffin Elevator stand, I have the same one. Its a great stand.

  18. dougoo6 58 months ago | reply

    what did you use to bind the wires. I have a similar setup but the wires are all over the place.

  19. ftttceaso [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

    Very nice, what a USB Hub is this?

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