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Another new moon weekend, another night out shooting startrails, with fairly decent results. this is a 40 Minute exposure, no Noise Reduction. Star trails are one of the most beautiful elements of nature to photograph. It is you and nothing but the stars above... and your camera silently doing what it does best. :D


We were really lucky to even get 40-minutes worth of clear sky exposure time, the entire day was cloudy and pretty nasty looking for the most part. I've already posted a pic of the sunset that day. If you look closely in this pic you can see that all the trail have a dim patch about 3 thirds along its length, thats from where some clouds blew over. ^_^



- Canon 50D + Sigma 10-20mm

- Tripod

- Absolute silence


- Bit of Lightroom magic

- Bit of Photoshop magic

- Bit of exporting to Flickr.


Lend your hand...


Matt, Kane and myself also run a Blog about our various photographic exploits and Epic Missions, feel free to check that out, we've got videos, photos and instructionals from our shoots..

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Taken on September 19, 2009