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nuclear winter

i first moved to nyc in 1983. i lived with four other guys in a tiny 5th floor walk up down on clinton street -- just south of Houston and Avenue B.


The city was different then. well, i was different too, but the city was different. the mood was different.


I think I have spoken about nuclear shadows before. these were amorphous black shadows spray painted on walls referencing the shadow that is left when a nuclear blast hits and after the body has been vaporized. Such shadows actually exist on walls in hiroshima and nagasaki.


to me, nyc has always been that exagerrated post-industrial characterization of a place. not a real place at all. nyc is that place where we are always on the brink. where smoke rises, horns blare, shadows fall, where the blue sky is waiting, waiting for that one singular moment.


to me, nyc is always slightly off-kilter.


boy was that a long way to go to explain why this shot is a little tilted, huh?


To me, it looks better large

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Taken on January 31, 2010