THIS IS ME - Care Leavers, Identity & Sense of Place
THIS IS ME explores the relationship between place and identity as experienced by young care leavers in London. Having grown up in an environment of constant uncertainty, London has become a sanctuary of memories created in different places – their childhood home, their school, foster families’ homes, hostels.

For their portrait, each individual chose a place in the city which holds deep meaning to them; places that broke them, but equally places where they’ve experienced love and joy, places of hope. As capturing their unique and inspiring stories in a picture doesn’t do them justice, writer Ruby Lawrence has compiled a series of accompanying monologues, which can be found here

THIS IS ME – Care Leavers, Identity and Sense of Place was at display at the Waterloo Action Centre in Lambeth, London, from 11-17 September 2017. Visitors were invited to look at London landmarks and ordinary places we pass by every day through the eyes of a care leaver and discover a different perspective of this fascinating city.

Drive Forward Foundation is a charity which specialises in providing tailored support to care leavers (16-26) in London to further their transition into sustainable employment, education and training. Their vision is to empower care leavers to fulfil their full potential and become engaged and productive members of society. More info
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