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Secret Comics Club

Starting next Tuesday 17 May I will be drawing a weekly illustration/comic thingy that will only be available by email and a private Twitter account. It’s free, and I would love to share it with you because secret clubs are fun. Here is me giving myself an enthusiastic and nearly coherent interview about Secret Comics Club:


(If you’d rather not read all the bumf right now, here’s the email subscription form, or visit @secretcomics on Twitter and submit a follow request.)


Me: If Secret Comics Club was a colour, what would it smell like?


Me: That’s really dumb question, and I bet half the people have clicked away already. Start with something straightforward. People want proper information.


Me: Okay, Mr Marketingguruhead, why don’t you ask the questions then?


Me: Okay. I will. What is Secret Comics Club?


Me: That is quite straightforward.


Me: Yes it is. Are you going to answer it?


Me: Secret Comics Club is a weekly comic/cartoon/illustration drawn by me and emailed only to supercool Secret Comics Club members and not published anywhere else in the whole world. It’s a little ray of oddshine in your inbox every Tuesday morning. It may turn out to be the reason why your Tuesday is better than everyone else’s.


Me: Will there be badges?


Me: That’s a brilliant idea! I hope so. And a special handshake.


Me: Do you know where you are going with this club? Any big plans?


Me: The only thing I know for sure is that it will last at least six months, from 17 May to 15 November 2011. I have some ideas about asking other artists to join the club and maybe offering a paid subscription that gives you secret comics on more days. I’ve also got some people working on waking George Herriman’s brain from cryogenic sleep.


Me: Are your drawings any good?


Me: I don’t know. You can see a lot of them by looking through this blog.


Me: I just had a look. They are kind of odd. Where do you get your inspiration?


Me: Why do people ask that question? It’s like asking, ‘Where do you get your air?’


Me: Yes, but where do you get your inspiration?


Me: ?!


Me: Seriously.


Me: Wildebeests speak to me in the hour just before dawn.


Me: In your dreams?


Me: No, on Skype. They live in a different timezone, and that’s the only time they are available, what with the migrating and avoiding lions.


Me: Does your club have some cool rules?


Me: Nope. But I do have two requests.


1. You can unsubscribe at any time, but I would be really happy if you don’t unsubscribe until you receive at least four comics, just so you are certain that you hate it.


2. Please don’t forward the comic emails or post the comics on the Internet. That kind of defeats the purpose of it being a secret comics club. I’m all for sharing, but if you could share subscription invitations rather than individual comics, I would be grateful.


Me: But can’t I share just this one?


Me: Are you some kind of jerk? I just asked you not to.


Me: Speaking of jerks, are you going to be a jerk if I subscribe?


Me: No. In fact, I will make you a few promises.


Emails from me will contain no hate speech. There will probably be some making-fun-of speech, but I hope we are all grown up enough to tell the difference.


Emails from me will not contain any ads. Ever. Also, I won’t be offering anything for sale that is not directly related to Secret Comics Club.


You probably know that I think of myself as ‘one of those Jesus people’. My comics do, of course, reflect my own worldview, but I promise there won’t be any attempts to convert you, altar calls or promises of blessing from God if you send your £1,000 covenant love gift today.


I won’t share your email address with anyone.


Emails other than your weekly comic will be extremely rare.


Me: Do you have any final thoughts for the good people of the Internet?


Me: C’mon, guys! Let’s be a secret club.

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Taken on May 11, 2011