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Step 12: shake Pat Robertson’s hand | by jqgill
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Step 12: shake Pat Robertson’s hand

This is how it looks from my little perspective: In the 1980s evangelical Christians in America went insane and believed that getting political power was the way to save the world. Maybe we thought following the example and instructions of Jesus wasn’t good enough now that we had technology and gay people. Maybe loving our enemies wasn’t as fun as being nasty to them. Maybe doing it the Jesus way was too hard and slow and messy for us. Whatever it was, we ended up helping to give the world President George W Bush. I’m really sorry about that.


12 years before GWB, Pat Robertson, televangelist and prophet of doom, ran for the presidency. Someone gave my parents tickets to a $100/plate Robertson fundraising barbecue. My 14 year-old self, full of evangelical-political fervour was thrilled. And he Shook My Hand. Ladies and gentlemen, I have touched Pat Robertson.


On the other hand, my dad who was a grown-up and knew things about nuance and balance and not getting completely swept away by politicians’ bluster and rhetoric, made sure to watch Jesse Jackson’s speech during the Democrat convention. Back then I could not understand why he would do that.

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Uploaded on November 17, 2009