Comet Holmes

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    An obscure comet suddenly brightened by a factor of 400,000 the other day! See this story.

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    1. Computer Science Geek 91 months ago | reply

      Nice one. Through the telescope?

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    2. Diegokun 91 months ago | reply

      Nice! It was really visible to the naked eye as the story says?

    3. Computer Science Geek 91 months ago | reply

      Oh yeah, definitely.

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    4. jpstanley 91 months ago | reply

      Yes, through the telescope, and cropped quite heavily. If I didn't know better I almost would have thought I was looking at Jupiter--it was just a round fuzzy ball.

      Diegokun: I couldn't see it with the naked eye - although the position of the moon while I was out certainly didn't help.

    5. vladdythephotogeek 91 months ago | reply

      excellent shot of the comet. I look forward to actually seeing it myself if the clouds would ever clear here in PA.

    6. joka2000 91 months ago | reply

      You have captured so fast! - did you find first?
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    7. thebadastronomer 91 months ago | reply

      Wow, nice. There is something eerie about the way it glows in that image....

    8. chipdatajeffb 91 months ago | reply

      It was easy for me visually, but harder photographically. Through the scope it reminds me of the Ghost of Jupiter planetary nebula. I think Jeremy has it right in the center of his widefield shot.

      It is on the northern edge of Perseus, near Lambda Persei, on the side toward Polaris. It did not appear to move very much during the four hours or so I watched it on Oct. 25 (early a.m.). It is very high overhead at 1:45 to 2:15 a.m. local time. Hard to tell which side of the EQ mount to put the scope on ... LOL

    9. ElWanderer 91 months ago | reply

      Cool stuff... pity it's heavily overcast here and likely to remain that way!

      (came here from Slashdot!)

    10. postpurchase 91 months ago | reply

      excellent! i just read about it on and here it is! well done.

    11. lee.a.connell 91 months ago | reply

      I went to walmart just so I could see this myself, unfortunately they had NONE!

      Thanks for posting.

    12. adriangonsalves 91 months ago | reply

      wow Very nice !!
      Wonderful capture.
      Very rainy over here .. hopefully the comet will still be upto its pyrotechnics when the clouds clear

    13. 2lazy7 91 months ago | reply

      Nice capture. I saw it last night (unaided eye) with the full moon and all - too bad it doesn't have a tail like McNaught did!

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