Berlin Diorama
As a frequent visitor of the German capital, I came up with the idea of making a small non-operational diorama of a typical Berlin railway scene as decoration for my bookshelf. The scene on display has no specific prototype but resembles the area around the S-Bahn station Warschauer Strasse, which is a wellknown railfan spot. With a closed and boarded up signal tower of the typical Berlin architecture, elevated district heating pipes from the old East German times, and graffiti everywhere, the layout provides the typical Berlin railway athmosphere of the early 21th century on a footprint of just 30 x 15 cm (11.9 x 6.0 inches). The diorama was made in 2011 and completely reworked in 2019 by making a new background photo, replacing graffiti stickers by nicer looking decals, and applying more weathering to better meet the appearance of an abandoned building.
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