Day 136 “Flying Pigs”

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    Day: 136 “Flying Pigs”

    May 16th, 2011

    Haha so to start it off i’ll just say today was a great day!:D I asked this cutie right here to prom(:

    Lol lemme tell you how I did it. I got that huge box right there and filled it up with balloons, tied little stuff animal pigs to the strings. Tapped closed the box shut and on top of the box I wrote “The day that pigs fly is the day i’m going to ask you to prom”. I did exactly that haha. She said yes(:

    But beside the fact that i’ve got an absolutely amazing date. I can’t believe this is the last dance. High Schools really almost over. I have so many ways to ask girls to dances left. I usually always did something to do with a sign. But this time I wanted to do something a little creative something impossible like make pigs fly lol. Sucks to know this is the last dance but it’s cool. I’m pumped for prom, got me a great date for a great night!!!!:D

    Special Thanks to Artie for top shots

    Canon 7D
    Top - 18-135
    Bottom - 70-200


    Days Remaining - 229

    1. ambernichole2013 14 months ago | reply

      where did you get the small stuffed pigs? ive looked some up but the all seem like they might end up being too big and weigh the balloon down

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