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Petru, towards end of our discussion

www.flickr.com/photos/joyoflife/sets/1117580/ Strangers no more group and set too, has people I met and talked a bit more, hours, minutes, but whom I spoke too about me also. We really communicated, Walking away, we were no more stranger to each other.


9 years ago, in my childhood park in Romania, it took me 1 hour, to obtain this, to make him feel relaxed and happy he met me. All others, in my album, "Petru from the Parc in club" (opus, it was in CLUJ


In the parc of my childhood, in Cluj, Romania, during my visit there, I have set down on a bench where he was, an unknown man to me, and made four consecutive photos of him that tells the tale. We spoke rumanian. He changed a lot as expression from the begining towards end of our conversation (almost an hour perhaps)


After the hour, he went home to luch and I continued my tour of my birth city where I did not go back for almost forty years.

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Taken on June 13, 2005