366 Snaps Outtakes
Photographs on this page dated after 11/21/2012 were originally posted to ipernity. Some of the links go to pictures on the ipernity site. Those are unlikely to be fixed.

A year in pictures revisited with different pictures. And commentary--this is sort of a photography blog, with a year's lag.

As I defined my 366/daily photograph project (called 366 Snaps) I selected one black and white photograph from each morning's shoot. Most days there were other pix I might have chosen instead. In many cases those pictures are objectively better than the photo I posted a year before.

I'm posting the best outtakes here, whether or not they're better. If there were no usable outtakes for a specific day, I post something else.

I'm also discussing the 366 Snaps project, and commenting on the photographs (both those posted last year and the outtakes). And I'm briefly summarizing the day's photographic efforts. I'd like to think some folks will find that interesting.
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