MacDade Mall Closing
Photos after the mass exodus of stores closing down in the MacDade Mall, the crappy mall in Holmes, Delaware County (Delco) PA. It's like a ghost town. Or ghost mall. Whatever. It's sad. I hope they put something good in its place, like another Home Depot or something. Christ knows we can never have too many Home Depots.

Anyway, this one-story mall was always kinda crappy, although it's one of the oldest malls in the country.

I must have seen at least a hundred, if not hundreds of movies at the movie theatre in here. I used to buy records, then tapes, then CDs, then DVDs at the record store (which changed names or ownership from "Wee Three Records" to "Wall to Wall Sound & Video" to just "The Wall" to finally "Fye" before it closed).

The Radio Shack was always convenient too. And the card store. And maybe the leather shop.

Until recently the mall had a cobbler. That's right - not just a shoe store (although they had a Payless shoe store too) but no, an old guy who don't speak English so good who actually repaired shoes for such as a dollar.

Anyway, it is with only mild nostalgia that I walked to the mall today to shoot some photos before it closes at the end of the month - although now it seems that its closing date is indefinite and while a few more stores will close (leaving only about five out of 40 or so spots still open) and I may return to take more photos before they finally kick everyone out.

Another fun thing: before the mall opens old people gather outside and an hour before the stores open for business the mall opens to let in the old people who just walk laps around the mall.

When the cafeteria/restaurant used to be open it would open at this time and the old people could get their coffee when they were done walking. That's something you don't see at the nicer malls.

One more thing - while the mall was officially open when I took these photos, I guess the management had given up on niceties like air conditioning because it was like 90F in there.

UPDATE December 2007: Peter Jackson's crew shot some of "The Lovely Bones" here - apparently it was only a second unit shoot, but still, pretty cool.
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