Bake & Shark

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    Bake & Shark, or Shark & Bake as it's also called, is a sandwich made of lightly battered and seasoned young shark, wrapped in a light, unleavened fried-bread or bake.

    It's a must-have, cultural food staple for any visit to Maracas.
    If you know any Caribbean nationals, ask them about Bake & Shark - they'll likely smile and tell you of Trinidad.

    My portion was left "alarmingly plain", according to Avi.
    She chose do the typical Trini thing and pile a wide assortment of condiments atop her sandwich; things like tamarind, cilantro, garlic and Congo pepper sauces, and more standard items like lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

    Maracas Beach, Trinidad

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    1. SD Big Mac 72 months ago | reply

      Yum! The condiments sound delicious too!
      Looking at the map, I didn't realize TT was that close to Venezuela.

    2. TedSher 72 months ago | reply

      You can take a Minnesotan out of the country, but you can't change his bland taste. Gilligan, admit it, you miss lutefisk.

    3. Trinipino 72 months ago | reply

      oh my....i miss bake n' shark!! they've gotten too expensive...but i'd still put out cash for 3 or 4...Was this shot in Trinidad?

    4. Trinipino 72 months ago | reply

      Trinidad is extremely close to Venezuela. We can see lights from the coast in the night time. We also have alot of Venezuelan immigrants/visitors!

    5. -= Funk2000 =- 72 months ago | reply

      Dude... ya gotta put the green-stuff on it! Bake n' shark (or shark n' bake) just ain't the same without the :
      - green lettuce
      - onions
      - tomatoes
      - cucumber slices
      - shredded carrots
      - ketchup
      - mustard
      - hot pepper (the most important part!!!)

      Now go back there and get some more, and put some peppah on dat thing nah boy!!

    6. Chookooloonks 72 months ago | reply

      What Funk said, man. "Alarmingly plain"? Avi, gyal, w'happen? Yuh enh train yuh Yankee boy, or what?

    7. Chennette 72 months ago | reply

      pineapple too!
      I tend to take many of my toppings on the side, because I am a sandwich minimalist. And I don't like ketchup on sandwiches. Mayo, shadow beni, garlic, pepper, lettuce, cucumbers...ok that's a lot more that you anyway :-)
      (the whole point of free condiments is to take all, that's the Trini credo - ever see people putting relish and onions onto the pizza at PriceSmart- because it is FREE)

    8. -= Funk2000 =- 72 months ago | reply

      is ah freeness ting, bring on de ketchup!

    9. ModernDayGilligan 72 months ago | reply

      It's not an easy task resisting her efforts to assimilate me.

      I wanted to shake my driver when we stopped at Subway one day. He ordered EVERYTHING on his sub. EVERYTHING. Even things that were never meant to go together, just because it was free. I swear it took 30 minutes to make his sub and another 30 minutes to eat it - with a fork to pick up all the toppings that fell off. :-)

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