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Over the course of the 3 days I worked 12 hour days... from 10 am till 10 pm. Any OFFF attendee could come to my workspace... a unique print would be generated from my program and printed on the HP Designjet Z3100 Photo for them to take home. Thanks to Wacom, for donating a wide format tablet for me to draw on to make artwork for the programs. Super Huge thanks to the HP barcelona team for donating the printer and 10 boxes of paper and ink to make this happen.


The idea is that each day, the program would be modified to offer a different print/edition for each of the 3 days. Some people waited 2 to 3 hours for a print... thanks for not killing one another or me for trying this. The edition for each print is the amount of people who waited in line for each 12 hour work day. The edition runs are as follows :


day 01 print - edition 75

day 02 print - edition 95

day 03 print - edition 141


May 10, 2007 I'll be creating work at the OFFF Festival ( over the course of the 3 days and printing the results on the HP Designjet Z3100 Photo printer filling the exhibition space. As you enter the space I've created nine -- 4.5 foot x 6.5 foot (1.3716 meters x 1.9812 meters) lightboxes that will line the hallway as you move down into my exhibition space. If you're going to the OFFF festival this year be sure to stop by and say HOLA !

  • Thomas Brodahl PRO 8y

    Great colors.... I want one!
  • Joshua Davis PRO 8y

    yeah... the pink series was super fun... the only way you could get one is if someone sells it on eBay. I had a few people wait in line up to 3 times... almost all day just to get 3. crazy.
  • Nacho Peralta 8y

    its tooooooooo much work! and result is great! congratulations.
  • ernest.borg9 8y

    You and your unique prints...

    I love the colors on this one.

    Are you going to picnic07 in Amsterdam?
  • Joshua Davis PRO 8y

    nay paul... too many other gigs booked.

    I need to have you and your miss out to the island so I can coax you into doing an edition with me.

    and it doesn't have to be unique. but I've been dying to do a programatic remix of the both of us.
  • ernest.borg9 8y

    Hey, me too, ever since we first breeched the subject. It would be a total blast... I'll shoot you a note and we'll work it out!
  • Ramon Escola 8y

    I'm from Barcelona and this is the third year I assisted to OFFF festival.

    The first time to know you and know your work was on that first year in OFFF. I find your work amaising, the randomness in the creation, the colors you use... I don't have words for it. It's just great!

    This first day in OFFF you were printing some tests of your work and I asked if you were going to sell them or do something wih them. You gave me one and signed it. I didn't believe I had a signed poster from my 'favourite' designer given by himselve! xD And then on your conference with Neville Brody you said you gave free posters to everyone that to see you. I was one of the persons who waited more than 3 hours to achieve a poster on Saturday. So now I have 2 signed posters from Joshua Davis! :P (And for shure I'm not gonna sell them in Ebay...)

    I just want to thank you all the time you spend there printing for all of us without rest. That let us know what kind of person you are. For lots of us this was more than just having a poster by someone in OFFF.

    So thanks, thanks a lot!!

    // (I'm 21 years old and I have just started studying 'Electronic Art and Digital Design' in a Barcelona university. For my first year final work for a class at the university I have done an actionscript code that generate a random poster starting from the 'kimono' pictures you uploaded in your diary february 15th. It's very simple but they've given me the top mark for it. So thanks again!! I will upload some pic soon.)

    (and excuse for my english... U_U)
  • Joshua Davis PRO 8y

    Hola Ramon ! thanks for the warm comments.

    yeah I knew after the first day... I was in for 2 more long days... but I truly enjoyed myself. I got a chance to meet a ton of lovely people... jammed to some fun music... I fed a few people. and free prints yay for free prints !!!

    then a lovely few days in Costa Brava with Natzke and his girlfriend Toby. BCN is a very magical place for me. So thanks for spending a few days with me.
  • Ivan Belchev 8y

    super sexy! I browse now you works because i need some of your works for my university. best from germany
  • Zoltán Szalay 8y

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