Carolina12 - Sarah / Ed Hardy

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    These were shot for a local magazine back in May, just now getting around to posting..

    X1600 in beauty dish above camera
    X1600 w/ 40 degree grid back camera right

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    1. Ángel García 119 months ago | reply

      Wow that´s a great great really great light

    2. 0 W8ing 119 months ago | reply

      Disclaimer: I don't have an interest or professional call for the "beauty" shots like most of the ones I see, so I'm not commenting as a fan of the genre, but I also know there's plenty of market for it, and that there are plenty of women thinking it's a good gig. That said, I've chosen to comment on a few of yours, here, because they have made me curious.
      In this shot, there's a suggestion of "hotness" in the pure fleshiness of her form and the sheen your lighting and postprocessing have given her. There's a little more attitude in this one than in the more horizontal companion image, and that makes it more interesting and gives her some personality to go with her "heat".
      As with the other, the setting seems less than fully purposeful or utilized for a statement or atmosphere... it basically just gives her a plain backdrop to be on, though it does offer some rectangular shapes for contrast against the model's curves. I wonder if a flatter perspective might enhance that.. using a longer lens/tele view.. but then that does add pounds to the model... so maybe not. I find the line of the curb too "present".. not sure whether I'd pull her further from the curb so it's smaller.. or lower the camera position to set more of her above it?
      I also wonder, in both shots, about the wisdom of the silver shoes with those colors in the suit and hat... even the style of the shoes doesn't seem to be making a statement, either. Could she have been barefoot? Personally, without being a fetishist, I Like feet, as long as you're making a "hot" photo.
      As I said in the sister shot, what was the idea for the commission, here?

    3. Marco From Houston 119 months ago | reply

      ^^^^ Cliff Notes, please!!!!!

      Anyway, love the pic. Great lighting & model. Thanks for sharing!

    4. Debbi in California 119 months ago | reply

      Your lighting is fab!!! I would ditch the hat as her face is lost in shadow!

    5. Molly Mac Photography ♥ 114 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ExpressiOns of Ones Self, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      ahhhh thats one of my best friends! sooo had to fave this one ;] she has the jacket and hat shot where shes flipping her jacket up as her background on myspace! you did some exxxxxcellent photos of her this one is awesome as well!!<3

    6. by diver 110 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Glamour y Sensual (Artistic photo's Only! No porn!), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. Fabiano B 106 months ago | reply

      Very nice work!!!

    8. allen51 91 months ago | reply

      ed hardy by christian audigier is the most popular fashion art in the world!

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