Obligatory Droste Self portrait, with multiplicity...

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    Inspired by all the members of the Escher Print Gallery group. Done with the GIMP and MathMap.

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    1. Josh Sommers 85 months ago | reply

      leila, you don't need to change anything in the formula, the region you erase in the middle of the image can be any shape, round, square or random.

      Kirsty- check out the "Escher's Droste Print Gallery" or Mathmap groups here on flickr, or the "Droste Effect Tutorial" set in my photo stream.

    2. leilabrewsterphotographyblog.com 85 months ago | reply

      oh so the different outputs is based on the transparency of where i have erased.. so if i erase the middle of the camera lens.. it will know to create a circular image? (so i dont need to change any numbers or anything..) your help is wonderful, again.. i appreciate it.. also how did you figure out that you could do this.. i am so amazed, i want to learn everything about this.. i have read tons of articles online regarding mc escher and droste (cocoa).. is there a book or a magazine that helps people learn new editing skills? i use photoshop, but this is the stuff i love doing.. i recently learned how to do the 360 panorama.. everything i have really learned thus far has been on flickr.. is this the recommended forum.. i know some photographers and artists don't like to reveal their skills.. and by all means if they want to keep it private then i totally understand, but any help is always welcomed.. thank you again for your time :)

    3. Josh Sommers 85 months ago | reply

      leila, yes it is based on the shape of the transparent region.

      For more information on what you can do with Mathmap, you should check out the mathmap pool here on flickr, there is lots of good information and helpful folks in that group. The Escher Droste Print Gallery is another great group where you can learn more about this effect, and you can learn about the history of the effect for people like me or sebprzd by reading the various group discussions.

      Aside from that I don't know of any magazines or books that help you learn graphics skills, but I am certain that they exist.

      Most of what you see in my stream, including hdr, the droste effect and little planets, I learned from others here on flickr. So if you ask me, flickr is a great place to learn new tricks. Many people here are willing to share, or at least help you to discover things for yourself.

    4. Josh Sommers 85 months ago | reply

      Also, you can read this article about the droste effect and how the math was discovered: escherdroste.math.leidenuniv.nl/

      and this one is great too:

      And the original Lenstra article:

    5. leilabrewsterphotographyblog.com 85 months ago | reply

      Josh.. thank you so much for all of your help... i have finally figured out how to do the spiral (with your help and the groups help and to everyone i am indebted).. i am really excited to learn new things and am going to be spending a majority of spring break learning this awesome program.. i have been a member of flickr for about a week now and i have learned more on here than i have learned in classes.. amazing.. thank you.. and your work is inspiring.. i am now a member of those groups.. so i look forward to learning more cool techniques.. thank you again.. :)

    6. T.Tyson - Flickr addict 76 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called "wow", and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. duiceburger 75 months ago | reply

      totally crazy!

    8. Alsouv 72 months ago | reply

      amazing work man, see your picture in the french mag " pour la science", very amazing !

    9. cudau.botcanh 58 months ago | reply

      Nice pic!!!!!!!!!

    10. philippe rivrain 52 months ago | reply

      J'avais perdu votre page! super!

    11. It's My Party. 52 months ago | reply

      * * Beautiful Image! Well Done!* *
      ~ ~ ~ ~ Seen in :

      * * * Please - Award on 2 * * *
      * Invite your friends to this group*

    12. caoxiaoqiang 51 months ago | reply

      can you tell me how to do this photo like your photo?
      thank you
      can you tell me the mathmap code?

    13. Josh Sommers 51 months ago | reply

      - Check out the Eschers Droste Print Gallery Group. I have posted all the code and links there. You can also find a droste effect tutorial in my sets. However, I would recommend skipping Mathmap and just go straight to the PixelBender plugin for Photoshop. It is much easier to use and much faster. Just search google for pixelbender droste plugin.

    14. caoxiaoqiang 51 months ago | reply

      today i set up the PixelBender plugin for Photoshop
      but i aslo have a problem is how to change a code to get a circle

    15. caoxiaoqiang 51 months ago | reply

      i come from china ,i am a student,my english is very poor,i can not undersand so much, can you do it for me in detail in mathmap and photoshop? can you tell me how to change the code in mathmap and photoshop?such as r1,p1,and so on.

      can you send me a e-mail how to change code in detail about this image?

    16. Josh Sommers 51 months ago | reply

      You don't need to change any code. You only need to change the user settings, either in mathmap or pixelbender. For this image make a transparent area in a circular shape (Erase the lens- make sure it is transparent, not just white. To do this you have to make the background layer into a regular layer so that when you erase it is transparent). Then use the pixel bender plugin and just make sure that you check the "Internal Transparency" check box. Then adjust R1,R2,P1,P2 using the sliders. If you still need help, I would suggest that you post your question in the Escher Droste Print Gallery Group.

    17. paulrozenboim [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

      is there any way you can do this without photoshop or any other software. just taking the picture??

    18. Josh Sommers 46 months ago | reply

      [https://www.flickr.com/photos/$1paulroz$1] No.

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