Pantie Portraits at SEAF
Printed in an on-site darkroom at SEAF ( )


"The creative artists behind Pantie Portraits invite you to slip of your lace panties, feather hair ties, corsetted gloves, or other interesting accoutrements… to create a unique photograph.

You will then develop your image, and present it in an intimate gallery, beside the images created by your fellow attendees.

You’ll be surprised, amused, intrigued… some photos are vivid and clear, while others will leave you pondering what items created such alluring images."
-Seattle Erotic Art Festival Website

We setup a mobile darkroom in a large closet at Fremont Studios for two weekends during the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. These are the prints made of various pieces of clothing and jewelry worn by attendees. NOT ONE mistake through the entire two weekends, pretty impressive for a chemical based analog process.
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