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So some of you who follow my stream know that I have been having problems with my ankle. And that I was scheduled to see the Dr this morning....well.


I had scheduled this day off about a week ago because my husband was a volunteer for the Children's Miracle Network at UNM Children's Hospital. 100.3 the Peak does a radio-thon every year to raise money to help children who are sick. All of the money goes to this hospital and stays here in state. I figured I would take the day off to spend with him and a great opportunity to get some shots in...


Yesterday, I couldn't handle the pain in my ankle anymore and was able to get an appt first thing this morning.


I went, and I have to have surgery. The Doctor wants me to have an MRI to see how much damage is done and what they should do, but bottom line is. I have to have surgery. again.


On my way to the radio thon, I called my Mom. Because I am a weenie. I wanted to talk to my Mom and be a 38 years old...I needed my Mom. She assured me that everything will be ok and not to worry....


Then I got to UNM Hospital.


And what I saw made me feel so ashamed of myself..


I saw little people, babies, children who are sick...and a simple surgery is not going to make it better.


I had such a reality shock and at this moment...I no longer felt sorry for myself. Nor do I want ANYONE to feel sorry for me.


I saw a little boy with more tubes than I could count walking down the hall with his Mom.....and I couldn't speak. He looked at me as I had tears rolling down my face and he smiled at me. He made ME feel better.


My new friend shown here is Eric. He is here with his Doctor, and sadly I was unable to get the Doctor's name, but I did get a chance to hug him.


Eric is 5. He likes Spiderman. Not black Spiderman, but red Spiderman. Eric is such a sweetheart that if I could take away his pain and put it in me, I would do a minute.


So when I feel sorry for myself, I will think of my friend Eric.....and what he has taught me.....


Love life, everyday.


Everyone who reads this, and has children....hug them extra tight for me.....


God Bless you Eric.

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Taken on February 27, 2008