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    Spotted this stencil on the back of a truck down by the fish processing plant. Not sure, but this appears to be the truck owner's contribution to the debate involving Oregon state ammendment 36, which passed last year, altering the state's constitution to ban same-sex marriages.

    2005 | Astoria, OR

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    1. Domenica ages ago | reply

      Really powerful portrait of our times. how sad.

    2. Zamboni ages ago | reply

      What's wrong with people? I hope the truck driver isn't forming that opinion based on his "Christian" values!

    3. brittak 117 months ago | reply

      wow. that stencil took a bit of effort, too. its interesting that he's so enthusiastic about displaying his feelings.

      i suppose i am just as passionate about my beliefs, but then, my stencils wouldn't involve murder...

    4. jencinar 113 months ago | reply

      This is a great example of Homophobia. Why don't you post it in the flickr homophobia group?

      Flickr Homophobia Group


      Jesus (madrid, spain)

    5. auto ღ graf 105 months ago | reply

      This is fascist. It's blind hate. Jesus Crist!

    6. peter_bengtsen 97 months ago | reply

      Couldn't the stencil be seen as a comment on how the ammendment is figuratively forcing homosexuals to marry someone of the opposite sex? Hence the gun to the head.

      If that's the case, I don't see it as homophobic at all??

    7. auto ღ graf 97 months ago | reply

      Or maybe the artist simply doesn't like couples, regardless of sex? So if that's the case, I also wouldn't see it as homophobic.

      Just couple-o-phobic.

      Still as violent, though.

    8. brittak 97 months ago | reply

      peter, i think if the picture were portraying an intersex couple, there'd be a skirt on one of them. i'm guessing that none of those people are women.

      but i'd be willing to go with it just for the figurative use of the gun.

    9. peter_bengtsen 97 months ago | reply

      Yeah, maybe you're right. I thought the figure on the left could be meant to represent a woman, because it seemed to have more hair. But it's probably just overspray...

      Anyway the stencil itself isn't all that original. Heres a different version about capitalism:

      Again the use of the gun seems symbolic to me.

    10. corydodt 63 months ago | reply

      My gut reaction to this was that it is not a comment on gay marriage, but a darkly humorous comment about the extremism directed at gay marriage. But maybe I needed to be there to see the context.

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