Project Placement
Geneva Switzerland

Curated by Joseph Del Pesco

The artworks in Project Placement employ the popular marketing strategy of product placement. This contentious injection of commerce into cultural media has become a successful means of associating objects, ideas and their value with the characters and narratives of movies, television, and more recently books and video games. By borrowing this device, the artists in Project Placement propose an inhabitation of preexisting modes of public communication, mass production and distribution. However, in Project Placement, the content delivered and the locations of placement have been expanded to include a diverse array of approaches including: appearances by the artist, an intervention of ersatz products at a local flea market, or a catalyst for future contact.

Some of the more subtle forms of product placement require close inspection and are made visible by accumulation. While working as a photographer for the Crate & Barrel catalog, Marc Horowitz wrote his own phone number on a white board in a model living room scene with the message "Dinner w/ Marc." The catalog carrying his note was subsequently distributed across the country. After receiving scores of calls, Marc embarked on a tour of the US to meet strangers for dinner. Dinner With Marc, documents this voyage. Starting in 2000, Gianni Motti followed the photographers of various newspapers in Europe until his image was in every section of the paper. 6 years later his image, and that of his assistants, have been seen in newspapers across Europe. In “Reviews“, Interventions Motti presents an accumulation of newspapers from the last six years of this ongoing project. In the animation White Light by Jay Heikes, drawings infect clips from music videos. Heikes' silent video amplifies the aura of rock music's image consciousness.
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