All for the Want of a Whisper
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Belonging to a Place
Scrap Metal, Toronto

"del Pesco’s work adapts an old proverb, “For Want of a Nail,” that
has been retold and rewritten over the centuries, but with the central allegory remaining the same: that small, seemingly insignificant acts or omissions may lead to grave consequences. del Pesco found a version of the text, which dates from the thirteenth century, in Benjamin Franklin’s Poor
Richard’s Almanack (1732-58), published in Philadelphia, close to where del Pesco was born. One of the founding fathers of the United States, Franklin viewed the almanac as a way to reach common folk unable to afford books: “a
literature for the masses.” Del Pesco’s contemporary rewrite raises a multiplicity of issues concerning histories, traditions, communities, and nationalisms that point to geopolitical, sociological and environmental concerns related to individuals and humanity as a whole.

Realised during his 2017 residency with Fogo Island Arts, All for the Want of a Whisper shows a colour gradation of greys chosen to match the skies of Fogo Island. Holding a Pantone swatch book up to the sky, del Pesco accounted for seven colours that captured the variations of fog and cloud. The inclusion of seven shades seems a fitting reference to the proclaimed “seven seasons” of Fogo Island, as is the reference to an island in the text. The poster typeface was designed in Toronto by Canada’s unofficial “typographer laureate” Rod McDonald. His Laurentian design was established on two historic models, drawing from the work of French type designer Claude Garamond (1510–1561), and that of the English printer and type founder, William Caslon (1692–1766). Through text, colour and typeface, the poster thus draws together three places of significance to its author."
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