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Ugly Monster jb77099 | by joseph - jb7
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Ugly Monster jb77099

This is going to get me committed …


I didn't set out to make a Big Bertha, it just happened along the way.

I'd like to make a ULF camera at some point, and I'd like it to be able to take big old lenses.

There was a discussion on the LFPF a few months ago, where the weights of these lenses was discussed.

It's difficult to gauge the heft of a big lens without actually handling one,

so when this one came up, I bought it as a surrogate.


It's a 36" Air Ministry Reconnaissance Lens, a telephoto, with a flange distance of around 650mm at infinity.


It's too big for my camera, so I did a quick and dirty adapter-


This is like ULF aversion therapy- it's like one of those realistic doll babies they give to teenagers, to put them off getting pregnant.

If I did make a ULF Portrait camera, it wouldn't go anywhere, it couldn't-

I had a look at a head and shoulders setup on 8x10, and the bellows draw was 800mm-

a bigger format would need even more-


So at least this thing has brought home some of the considerations involved in going extra large-

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Taken on November 16, 2010