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Marooned! | by W. Navarre
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Now we venture into a dark storm, where we shall once more find Navarre. The lightning's blinding flash pierces the heavy clouds as we come upon a small raft whose occupants cling to it for dear life. Suddenly a larger then normal wave darkened one spot even more.

"It's all up now," Ralincler muttered to himself and shut his eyes, for in the blasting, tossing, water it was impossible to converse. However he soon found out that it was not all over as the craft rose with the waves and rushed onwards to it's invisible doom. Fortunately, being a rough raft, their bark could not be swamped or all would have ended long ago.

"I wish the clouds would lift for one second, we could at least know if we are close to land," Navarre began, "We maybe nearing the Island of Lost Souls."

"We'd better hope not, I'd rather drown out here then be cast on such an Island," Ralincler replied though neither could hear much of what the other said, "If only half the thing be true that are said about that place it'd be better to end ourselves right now, and if we did approach it, what's the use? We are without food, with but few arms, a good chance of drowning or getting killed by the surf, and no way to get off it again for love or money!"

"While there is life, there is hope," Navarre answered coolly, but his words were lost to the wind.

Of a sudden the third man, named Gantric, yelled, "Land! We may be saved yet!"

"Ah, fool, saved from the water that is," Ralincler growled back, "and likely not even that, who can survive in such breakers?"

But they had no time to talk for the shoreline was getting nearer each second. As the rode on another crashing wave which would throw them on the beach Ralincler beckoned them to follow him and, after throwing off his heavy armor, dived off into the surf. Navarre followed in a blink else he would have assuredly lost him in the blinding spray and towering waves which met him the instant he touched the water.

The third man, however was not so fortunate, for as he leapt in after them the raft cleft asunder on some coral and a spar sent him spinning in the wrong direction.

Navarre meanwhile plunged through the waves and soon noticed his guide's goal; the mouth of a comparatively peaceful river which flowed out into the raging sea. The sight gave him the new strength he direly needed and he dove ahead.

Nevertheless he felt his strength beginning to be spent while the sea threw him about violently. With a superhuman effort and a battle cry cut short by the sea he passed a looming wall of water and finally reached the comparative safety of the river. Here Ralincler pulled him onto it's bank where Navarre collapsed.

"I'll go see if I can help Gantric," Ralincler told him. "He won't need me unless I'm wrong though," he continued and turning, made for the beach again.

While Ralincler was gone Navarre recovered and stood up to observe his surroundings. The sight was not a pleasant outlook. Immediately before were some dark trees casting darker shadows still, and behind, lost in the forest save for it's glowing eyes, a black cave set in the mouth a grinning skull. He shuddered and turned to find his comrade.

"Well, a sad end to a good captain and better comrade," Ralincler commenced on his return, "but at least there's one less mouth to feed. He was dashed upon the rocks with enough force to have killed behemoth!"

"Well, though I wouldn't mind his help we must think quick if we wish to not end in a similar fashion. Have you brought any weapons? Unfortunately I have only my knife and ax which are in my belt."

"There I have the advantage of you, I brought my sword and a short javelin. But hurry," he cut short the conversation, "if we do we may find a bale of food which would hardly harm us."

Nothing, however, could be found on the beach and though the saw a barrel tossing in the eddy between the river and the sea it was much to far out to access. And so they were marooned alone on the Island of Lost Souls whose very soil they would begin to hate before they left its fearful shores…


Free build for LoR and first blood in the CCC! Enjoy!

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Taken on October 26, 2015