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The Hunter's Lair | by W. Navarre
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The Hunter's Lair

The sun slowly set over the jagged peaks of the Necrosis mountains. A pair of men engaged in conversation approached a dwelling on those mountains whose roof appeared to badly need repairs.

"Aye," the one began, "no one ever has been known to go to his lodge, for they think he uses magic in his art of hunting. But I know him, and he's never used magic that I've seen, though he's a plenty fine shot for that. I've seen him bring down his prey from nearly that far away!" and he pointed to a distant deer leaping into the forest.

By now, however, they had reached the house, so Keeler did not deign to reply.

Meanwhile the hunter himself came out and invited them into his lair, "What have you come for?" he asked gruffly.

"I am simply stopping on my way to our swamps," Keeler replied, "we figured you'd have the latest news too. They say Baron Locklear gathered all the nobles to discuss things: would you happen to know what the results were?"

"Ah, yes, that is, they've finished it, as to knowing what has passed…"

Keeler flipped a gold coin to him. The hunter grabbed it and continued,

"Hmm, very well. Of course, all this is rumors only, but they say that we shall keep to ourselves and let Loreos and Lenfald fight, but the majority appear to wish Lenfald the victory, whether the justice of their cause has been considered I doubt though; Loreesi have always been less liked here in the badlands, doubtless because they are known better then the Lenfels here. Hah! Anyway, in addition, they say men are ill at ease under Locklear, outlaws naturally like to be their own masters, but as long as he molests not the more powerful lords I dare say they'll let him rule. Also, of course, many other trivial topics were discussed, including the movement, which it has been perceived the Lenfels have given themselves over to, undoubtedly due to the civil war. Now there," he waved his hand, "that is all I know."

After a few more glasses of wine Keeler went on his way, the guard who had accompanied him staying behind talking keenly to the hunter, who shot a suspicious glance at Keeler's retreating back.


Yay! My first build using all the parts I got recently, I tried the dilapidating tudor and stone work that has become all the rage. Plus I decided an interior would be cool - though I wish the house had been larger so I could've made a new wall in the inside... Hope you like it!

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Taken on August 6, 2015