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Another Perilous Ascent! | by W. Navarre
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Another Perilous Ascent!

"They must be Loreesi outlaws for such a devilish idea to have come to them!" Keeler scowled as he slowly climbed up the mountainside.

The ground rumbled, spurts of lava shot out of the top of the volcano. Slowly Keeler reached the top. Advancing cautiously he descended into the fiery crater, clambering over the few rocks showing above the magma. Keeler had been sent up to face a monster which the supposed "bandits" had been in fear of for some time or so they told him, Keeler at first refused but they threatened the worst they could imagine and he desperately agreed. Now having penetrated the beast's lair he looked around. Suddenly a red dragon rose through the lava. It sent a roar which echoed through the mountains and gorges, fire poured from his mouth. Keeler staggered backward to avoid the burning tongues of flame.

"Hmph! Lets hope this is the last time I see you!" growled Keeler.

It wasn't the first either, but this time Keeler stood his ground. With a slashing blow of his sword he jumped upon the scaly monster. As the dragon thrashed he sent his sword deep into it's heart. Wildly the beast sought to shake off it's load, but Keeler held on, digging his knife into the beast's chest again and again. With a final roar the dragon fell backwards throwing Keeler in the air and sending it's fire high into the sky. Keeler just had time for a moments triumph before he crashed into the side of the crater.


So this is my dragon for Ninjumetru's dragon contest. Check out the rider here. And LoR's GCX restricted category Unrest. AND my brawl with thedonald. Hope you like it :D !

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Taken on April 22, 2015