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The Meeting | by W. Navarre
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The Meeting

"Humph, I'm not too sure I should trust any of those treacherous Loreesi, but we do need more men. What do you say?" Keeler asked one of his captains.

"Not much Sire, but any reason to suspect this fellow?"

"He's a Loreesi, what do you think? Anyhow he wants to meet alone, yet I do not, so you go to the tavern first and stay till we both leave. Go ahead and act if necessary. We leave in an hour! Can't ever be sure about these Loreesi…" Keeler muttered after his retreating captain.

Two days later at Dreadmoor…

A cloaked figure approached a small inn. As he knocked on the door he saw a man walk out of a dark alley.

"Sir Kellen I presume?" Keeler asked the man.

"The same. I'm glad you're here, now on to business: You desire men for this enterprise. I desire help in the coming times, if we can agree to give each other these things, what else would there be to do?"

"Ha! What else? Why gold, man!" returned Keeler, "Gold and weapons; You would lend me your men for a three day enterprise and yet in return get my services until these turbulent times end, which they never shall. A fair deal indeed! I want gold for this treaty."

More haggling continued and went unnoticed in those restless streets. Such shady deals were common, even in sight of the city watch's towers. In fact the men of the watch were often as bad or worse then the rest. Lawlessness pervaded the streets and nothing was done to stop it. Dreadmoor indeed lives up to its name. After some time an agreement was reached;

"Expect the ships to arrive at Fort Quagmire in as short a time as possible," Kellen was finishing.

"Aye, and the men shall be floated up the river and shall join my men in The Bog of the Lost. I give my word as an Outlaw that it shall be so; which is as good as any Loreesi's word at least," he ended as Sir Kellen faded into the dim streetlight.


This is for the GCX unrestricted, category; Secret meetings in Preparation for Revenge. Or Unrest. Be sure to scroll through all the photos as not all can be seen in this one, also instead of a frog see if you can find a bat, two ninja (one is obvious) and a pair of rats, good luck (though it don't exist). Also the second build for a collab between thedonald13 (sir Keller) and I. Hope you like the build and the story!

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Taken on April 29, 2015