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The Shepard's Cottage. | by W. Navarre
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The Shepard's Cottage.

For some days now Navarre, Keeler, Jackson, and Areneas had been traveling back north. The Sinicals were going to follow soon after. All kinds of rumors were afloat, some said that Maldrake had been bearded in his den, other that he had used magic to destroy the whole of the allied forces, and… Navarre thought the latter more probable. One day as they were descending a mountain they met a shepherd. "Would you be so kind as to conduct us to your dwelling?" asked Navarre. "Fine, it is just a little ways down the slope sir." he responded. "He calls this just a slope?" muttered Keeler as they toiled down the narrow mountain path, fit, according to Keeler idea at least, only for sheep and goats. Soon a quaint little cottage came into view. "That is our abode sir." said the Shepard as he stepped aside to let them pass.


As they did so a man who looked like a Lenfel Scout Sniper came rapidly around the corner. "I have news of the battle!" he cried, "Maldrake has been defeated in his own lair!" "So it is true? I wish I could have been there!" responded Navarre, "How did it happen?" "My friend," the farmer interrupted them "perhaps you would like to come inside and tell us over a cup of tea?" As no one objected, they all filled into the small cottage. Then the man who was indeed a Scout Sniper related the details of the whole siege of Maldrake's fortress, not, however, without a few interruptions. When he had ended Areneas said "Well, well, I suppose the tyrants is almost overthrown and," he added, "I have had no part in it!" "Not so fast," replied Navarre, "the queen is still sitting on her throne, and if I am not mistaken, you will strike a blow for freedom yet!" Followed by a Garhim "looks like he already has!" Which indeed was true.


Entry to the restricted catagory of the GC, and also to the CCC "Medieval husbandry".

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Taken on November 21, 2014