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The Meeting! (Re-upload with more pics and story) | by W. Navarre
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The Meeting! (Re-upload with more pics and story)

The next day Navarre and his Generals, with the exception of Areneas and Ralincler, met in a private chamber to conference with the Queens envoy. “The queen promises that should you join the dragons you will receive not only your own castle and estates but other more broad domains near your own and in Loreos. What say you?” “You know the queen is lying through her teeth or at least this fellow is!” blurted the Garheim representative (in name only, for though a Garheim he had been outlawed and joined Navarre long ago). “Besides the Queen is a broken reed to lean on, she will soon lose her last grip on the continents.” remarked Keeler.


“Sir!” Scowled the envoy, “These men know nothing! The queen was never closer to her goal then now!” “True, true, but that is only because she never was close at all!” A laugh went around as a greater frown appeared on the ambassador face. “It is all true!” he continued, “The queen is very merciful! She will return your castle to you immediately if-” Suddenly the door opened. Navarre stood up “Areneas! Why do you interrupt us? Is your news important?” “Yes. That man is lying! By now there is no castle of your to give you.” He paused. “Raltworth is completely leveled to the ground!” “Death to the queen and her envoy!” went up the shout as the men dragged the ambassador out the door. “But it’s not true! She’ll give you one much larger! She’ll giv-mph!”


“Now, what else?” asked Navarre. “As I said Raltworth is no more for the queen could not keep hold of it and needed more men up here in the north. As for the other business, we could only rally one hundred of your best men and the clans which some of us used to be a part of wished for your presence. They could furnish another hundred picked men as mercenaries at a low pay.” “Thank you!” replied Navarre, “Now that we know this we can make plans.” After some talk Navarre said,


“This is what we shall do men: I will travel down to the shade as quickly as possible and return with the clans while you men build three fast longboats. Then, we shall sail down to Grahnhaven and cruise along the coast there carrying fire and sword through the land to root out the queen giving battle to any reinforcements and provision coming by sea. Thereafter by sailing up doing the same thing we shall loop around at the Gulf of Fishes and sail down as far as Fort Quagmire.” “But then my lord we shall have to travel through the King’s water which right now is a very dangerous place and the Sea of Despair AND the Sea of Treachery! Do you not think it a bit much?” asked Williams brother Joshua. “Indeed I do not. Any more comments? Now I call this meeting to a close. Tomorrow I leave with Areneas.”



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Taken on July 29, 2014