And we wondered what to do with those old cameras?!

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    This car had old cameras and TVs glued everywhere .. wow .. I wish I had one to donate to him, but I thought even the old cameras would still serve a better purpose than this .. ;o)

    Ok .. I work right outside of the Louisville Science Center, and lucky for me, it has to be within the prettiest two blocks of downtown Louisville.

    Again, about a month or more ago we were working and there was an Art Car display going on downstairs / outside. So .. on my way back from lunch I decided to pay them a proper visit. I of course only had my point and shoot, but I was too lazy to make a return trip that evening .. :o)

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    1. Kentuckiana (In & Out of Flickr) 110 months ago | reply

      I give a credit to whoever did this for his creativity :D

    2. >Sandy< 110 months ago | reply

      Now I just have to ask....what would make a person do this??????? Bizzare!!

    3. joschmoblo 110 months ago | reply

      lol .. there were about 20 or so of them .. when i have time i'll throw the other ones up here too. some were neat but most were TACKY!!

      while some i could see the 'art' in .. others were just kinda silly .. like they were trying to get attention. one lady painted her car in chalkboard paint and while we were walking buy she was just drawing on her car with chalk .. i didn't see the 'art' in that.

      then others were making their cars while they were on display .. that's like going to a museum and seeing picasso sitting there painting as we walk by.

      but .. opinions .. i have plenty of them!!

      ok .. back to work :o( ..

    4. photo-dude 110 months ago | reply

      This is too funny!!!

    5. Tim_Klein 110 months ago | reply

      That's the famous Camera Van, by Harrod Blank!

      You can see it, plus lots of other art cars, in his book "Art Cars".

    6. !Shot by Scott! 109 months ago | reply

      and I thought I had problems

    7. swusch 90 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Fotograf - photographer - photographe - el fotógrafo, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    8. bakagaijinmaster 85 months ago | reply

      I wonder if any of those cameras are actually worth something?

    9. ☆★ picturemaker ★☆ 81 months ago | reply

      is that the google street view camera van?

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