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194/365 Saturday, 24th January 2009


New Pirate. Old Pirate.


I was wandering around the shops at lunchtime during the week and noticed that some of the new (2009) Lego sets were on the shelves. This year is gonna be a big Lego year with some nice new fancy stuff. Most of you know what's on the way, (but for those who don't just go to their website and check it out). I guess one of the most anticpated series to return to the Lego product line are the Pirates! Well those new sets aren't on the shelves (yet) but one of the new cheapy "imagination" sets(6192) had a pirate theme. I bought it 'coz of the fig... I thought it would be nice to have him in frame with one of my older (personalised) pirate characters. Ummm the old guy (fashioning the Qui-Gon head) is Karl Reessian. The new guy (on the left with the hair from Agents) we'll call Vince. You may see them around over the next little while.



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Taken on January 24, 2009