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Tag You're It

I was tagged a bit ago, by , there's getting less and less of me every time I upload an SP.


There were supposed to be 10 facts and 10 tags but I've just cleared instead of pasting my facts so I'll do it tomorrow now. Have a great Easter everyone.


Sorry to anyone I've tagged, feel free to IGNORE THIS!


Ack! I can't think of 10 facts I haven't already imparted in previous tags.


ok, heres 1...I have an aversion to karaoke...I would never do it if you paid me A LOTTA LOTTA money! could be because I failed miserably in a talent show when I was younger, when the pianist failed me (left the music at home so I had to sing without), and I forgot the words mid song...I died...really did...the audience just sat there and they would...and I just stared back....traumatised for life I was.


2...I am not particularly tidy, but I am an obsessive washer of everything...I have to wash everything ...cutlery, pans, least twice before I'll use it again.


3...I've just recently gone back to contact lenses, paying my monthly fee, and I keep forgetting I've got them and find myself wearing my specs all day


4...The reason you only get close ups of me, apart from i'm not particularly keen on selfies, is that I always shoot handheld, I haven't got my head around how to do a self-portrait yet, so if anyones got any tips (I do have a remote before you ask) or pointers in the direction of tuts, I'd be very grateful.


5...Today we cleaned the barbie, and the sun went in...but I don't care, the burgers and beer are making their first appearance of the year in a minute, even if it rains!


6...I lied about the beer making its first appearance of the year


7...I still haven't got my passport sorted, but I will...totally irrelevant fact...but aren;t they all?


8...The one thing I hate more than anything else is putting people in a position where they feel obliged to do something, so although i'm going to tag ten people, don't feel obliged to act upon it, or feel free to interpret an sp as loosely as you like...blur it, whatever, I don't want to make you feel bad...


9...I am a terrible true...I could probably cook really well if it was something I wanted to do...but to be honest...I hate cooking. I wish I didn't though. I wish I could find as much fun in cooking as I do in loads of other things I class as hobbies...but I don't.


10...My mind has gone blank.................

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Taken on April 21, 2011