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339. The Reason I'm a Photographer | by JoGo...
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339. The Reason I'm a Photographer it gives me an excuse to never be in front of the lens...


9th December 2010.

I was tagged yesterday by Alex{G} and having nothing better to offer than more berries or frost I thought I'd get it over with ;p

This is not a gratuitous sultry/moody look, this is me half hiding my face because I hate pictures of myself.


10 random facts about me for you....


1. I hate pictures of myself ;)


2. I hate that wallpaper. The bedroom is the only room that has never been redecorated in the last 15 years or so. It is very naff and very 90s.


3. I have never been anywhere outside the UK, and never had a passport, but I intend to change that very soon.


4. There are lots of things about my life I would do differently if I could but not having my kids isn't one of them and therefore there is nothing about my life I would do differently.


5. I am 43 and don't feel a day over 70


6. At the moment I am loving that Rhianna song "Love the way you Lie", is it old? kids say it is, but then they say that about anything thats been out for longer than a week.


7. Favourite band at the moment are Muse, even though one of the songs on their latest album gives me the eebie jeebies. (United States of Eurasia)


8. I still haven't found one of my cats, Milo, despite having Ads all over the place


9. I lost my dad when he was only 53 and I still miss him. He was into photography too.


10. I have had many hobbies including cross-stitching and glasspainting, but by far my most fun hobby is photography. (Bet you'd never have guessed) is a never ending fun fest of gadget collecting and exercising my creativity and of learning...all things I love to do :)


I'm not tagging that I not playing the game? However, if you want to list 10 random things about yourself and post a my guest :)


Textures: mine (subtle) & Kim Klassens scratch texture.

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Taken on December 9, 2010