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Ironic Mortgage Bank | by [jonrev]
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Ironic Mortgage Bank

Trying to pass time until the Walgreens site had cleared-up, I found myself checking out the two storefronts across Broadway from the Genesis Towers - which had been vacant since a fire in the mid-late 2000s. I first hit the northern part of the building which had been used by the offices of some religious organization - almost all of their stuff had been left behind, from furniture to paperwork. The third floor, whose stability was questionable, had a few classrooms or something, and was probably a youth center of sorts. I was going to take pictures, but my aging tripod jammed-up and I couldn't get one of the legs to extend. Frusturated, I packed it and went next door.


The southern part of the building was a former mortgage bank, and the campaign office of a mayoral candidate not from the most-recent election. I found a couple of vaults in here, only one of which was open, and where the fire had ravaged the third floor of this part of the building.


I came around to the front desk area and did a few dumb pictures of myself, then went around to the next room to my right, looking for tape to put some pictures I found on the wall (they left everything but the money, after-all). In the midst of that, I tried to push-open the heavy door to an office, largely barricaded by stuff on the floor, when I froze and let out an "oh shit" upon seeing bedsheets in the corner rise and get tossed-off a makeshift bed. I woke-up a homeless person... a first for me.


Of course I was by-myself - and not wanting to deal with someone that could be hostile: I apologized and quickly aborted, grabbing the camera and dismantling everything outside. If we even saw each-other at all, we never made eye-contact. I later felt like a dick, and regret not going back with some food or something...


Upscale Corporate Center -- Gary, IN -- 10/21/14

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Taken on October 21, 2014