Abandoned Equirectangular

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    HDR + Hugin, 16 photos in all...
    Interactive viewer
    How the heck can I avoid the 'breaking' in the mapping? It is driving me nuts!

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    1. Tom.Lechner ages ago | reply

      Easy! For such a place, just find some pictures of termites and clone them all over the irregularities!

      That, or lots of time retouching. You could try stitching the top, then the bottom, then those two sets together. Or try other software. With an adequate camera mount, I have pretty good luck with Hugin, usually even for handheld ones.

    2. gracie1ella ages ago | reply

      I am absolutely blown away by how incredible the interactive viewer is (which of course, requires an incredible photo).
      I love the delicate flower on the door and the beautiful scenery out the windows.
      You amaze me : )

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    3. Diddi Sig ages ago | reply

      Mögnuð mynd

    4. hildigunnur ages ago | reply

      freeekar flott, já!

    5. broddi ages ago | reply

      þetta er helvíti flott.

    6. Jens Peter ages ago | reply

      How did you configure Hugin to be able to stitch fisheye images together? I have tried several times, but with no luck...

    7. Jon Ragnarsson ages ago | reply

      Jens... I'l throw together a tutorial soon...

    8. Jens Peter ages ago | reply

      Cool - thanks in advance!

    9. eir@si ages ago | reply

      Þetta er rosalegt!

    10. Cosmonaut's ages ago | reply

      My cup of tea. Well displayed.

    11. Gillimann ages ago | reply

      Snilld, og fær mig til að langa að prófa svona vinnslu.

    12. Karifannar.com ages ago | reply

      Þetta er ansi magnað

    13. bite-sized duck [deleted] ages ago | reply

      kúl, hvar er þetta? Mjög flott mynd hjá þér, eða myndir ; )

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