You're Just My Type
This is a demonstration of an application I wrote. It's built with I've been reading TYPE+CODE ( and thought my first endeavor would be to give Form Conspiracy's (great designer typeface pyramid some motion. You can find his free typeface at — He made the typeface about a year ago. The video starts by going through the alphabet and then drifts back in forth between recognizable type and abstract patterns. Also, Telefon Tel Aviv is probably most favorite electronic group. They got me into electronic music. Some moments remind me of Viking Eggeling's Diagonal-Symphonie. If you'd like the app to play around with you can message me and I'll send it to you.

At the moment It requires Java 5 and JSyn (Snow Leopard has Java 6, so it won't run). To interface each key is its corresponding letter. You can click and drag where the X axis is how drastic the degradation is on the typeface and the y axis is the scale.

Can you distinguish all the letters of the alphabet? Finally, because of the nature of the typeface coupled with compression I recommend viewing this video in full screen.
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