The Entrance to Mordor

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    Sometimes, late at night, the london underground isn't all that it seems...

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    1. Heaven`s Gate (John) 103 months ago | reply

      great title !
      The landscape of dreams

    2. Speedboat 103 months ago | reply

      fun... took me a minute to get the reference but I did!


    3. SarahGeleyn 103 months ago | reply

      nice reference!i love what you did in the background.
      seen in explore

    4. Stefano Prigione 103 months ago | reply

      LOTR fan! I adore the book and the movie (the last). Really a landscape of dream.

    5. Jonny Tiger. 103 months ago | reply

      Thanks for your kind comments everyone.

    6. dElay 103 months ago | reply

      haha, cool, idea is everything these days :)

    7. Richard Holt® 103 months ago | reply

      Great idea, well executed...


    8. inadream 103 months ago | reply

      very cool..nice description....i love the london underground shots!

    9. Geoff Penn 103 months ago | reply

      "Oh no, Mr Frodo. 'Ere comes a ticket inspector, and we ain't got no ticket. We'll 'ave to pay a penalty fare."

    10. Shimrit&Yaar 103 months ago | reply

      SO COOL :) lol

    11. ckaiserca 103 months ago | reply

      I like it! I like it a lot! A very nice concept and well executed.

      Your photo was seen on DEL*TE ME! Uncensored - WHO SAID WE WERE PARANOID? (?)

      -Voted "save" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

    12. Mister Phill 103 months ago | reply

      Bigger! Bigger!

    13. Dominique Robert 100 months ago | reply

      Excellent, Jonny ! Love it.

    14. Magic Erin. 95 months ago | reply

      lol! :D build me an Underground worthy of mordor...

    15. BlueisCoool 40 months ago | reply

      Very nice work - congrats !

    16. AlexTurton 39 months ago | reply

      very clever

      great shot

      day 83 - as shakespear once said, we shower, we shave then we ...

    17. chadburgess 35 months ago | reply

      One does not simply wait 4 minutes and then ride a subway into Mordor

    18. Ethelia 35 months ago | reply

      lol, mordor railways! ahaahhaha brilliant!

    19. Qasim Massey 33 months ago | reply

      Awesome! Love it!!

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