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Pinhole/Camera Obscura /Lensfree/Loch camera/Lensless / Without Lens/Sténope/Estenopeica/Lyukkamera Photography



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Location of shoot :



Time of shoot :



Info of Shooting :

Film : Polaroid 690 Color Instant (expired)

Filter : Wratten 85b Nd6(3x3 Tiffen), ND6 Soft Grad (3x4 Tiffen) & Red Enhancing (82mm Tiffen)

Metered expo.:

Calculated expo.: 9,5 ev - 50 second

( I use my reciprocity compensation value chart to Polaroid Color Instant film)

Dev.: 120 sec. (30° C)



Home-made assembled pinhole camera be composed of

few original photography equipments.


Camera body (the base) : Polaroid 600se camera back spacer no.1

(from my Polaroid 600se camera set, made by Mamiya)

Film back : Instant pack film holder (made by Cambo)

Shutter : Precision Self-Cocking Copal Shutter (from Polaroid MP4 camera)

Pinhole socket : Homemade (fit to filter holder)

Filter holder (82mm) : Homemade (fit to shutter)

Grip : I made it myself

Viewfinder : Door peeping (from OBI store) calibrated to the 3x4 format instant pack film size (I made it myself)

Cable releasers : Nikon

Matte Box : Old bellows style Arriflex 3X4 (from my Eclair s16 movie camera set)

Rods mount : Homemade

Rods : Homemade

Tripod & Head : Velbon

Quick release plates : Manfrotto


Focus : 55 mm

Pinhole : 0.3 mm (from Lenox laser)

Diaphragm : f183

Angular field (horiz) : 86°

Light falloff at the corners [f/stops] : 2,5

Resolution [lines/diagonal] : 799


Post work : (14-15.07.201)

Scanner : Epson Perfection 3200 Photo (1200 dpi)

Scanner software : SilverFast SE

Final work : PS


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no copies,

no editing,

no publishing,

no screenshots,

no posting,

no blogging,

no transmitting downloading

or uploading without my written permission!

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Uploaded on July 15, 2011