• My Softaware
    Production Premium CS3
    Final Cut Studio 2
    Older versions of FCP and DVDSP
  • My XRAID for video storage.
  • MacPro with dual 22" Dells
    Quad Core 2.66GHZ
    4 GIGs of RAM
  • Canon XH A1
    I love this camera!

My Desk At Work

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This is where the magic happens.

MacPro 4 X 2.66GHZ
4 GIG RAM (I would like to upgrade to 8GB, After Effects slows down if I have to many layers in a 1080p Comp)

Dell 22" X 2

Xraid - 14x250GB (it is an older model) one fibre channel for each side

Canon XH A1 HD Camera (Incredible Camera)

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  1. lcaller 73 months ago | reply

    How are you hooking up our XRaid ? Via a Fibre card to the Mac Pro ?

  2. Pounet 73 months ago | reply

    There's no other way to hook it up. :)

  3. Jon Lawrence 73 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I have a fibre channel card in my MacPro, dual channel.

  4. t.spang 73 months ago | reply

    if only those were apple cinema displays . . . .

  5. Jon Lawrence 73 months ago | reply

    LOL, they are overrated, I have a 20" cinema display on my laptop machine, and it is not any better than the Dell displays. Don't get me wrong they look incredible aesthetically, but they are double the price.

  6. tmv32 72 months ago | reply


  7. Durf 72 months ago | reply

    Looking good. Does the Xraid kick up much noise or is that only the Xserves that you want to stick in a closet somewhere?

  8. Jon Lawrence 72 months ago | reply

    It is really noisy, I am getting noise canceling headphones to see if that does the trick, otherwise I am going to have to figure out another solution.

  9. David Alvarado 72 months ago | reply

    I own the XHa1 also. It's an incredible piece of machinery. In fact, it's probably the only thing from canon that I'll ever use.

  10. Jon Lawrence 72 months ago | reply

    David I agree, all of my SLR equipment is Nikon, but the XHA1 is an awesome camera.

  11. Jerry Balloch Photography 72 months ago | reply

    Nice setup, I'm jealous of the xraid. I need to get one of those for my photography. Is it really that noisy?

  12. Jon Lawrence 72 months ago | reply

    Yes indeed, it is actually quite distracting, I am looking for a solution to get it away from my desk. The problem is I need the fiber connection, so it can't go to far away, without getting expensive quick.

  13. Graham Ballantyne 72 months ago | reply

    A small rack cabinet might do the trick: www.xrackpro.com/

  14. Jon Lawrence 72 months ago | reply

    Thanks Graham, I will seriously look into that solution!

  15. Mor.gan 71 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called XH-A1 users, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  16. evmx 58 months ago | reply

    regarding apple versus dell displays - the dell ones are half the price, but if you do have apple money to spend, get an eizo coloredge.

  17. Shoot_Film_Live 58 months ago | reply

    where do you work? thaat looks like a field i would really be interested in

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