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Snowdonia (tutorial)

If you like this one I have written 3 other tutorials which you can find >> here <<



This is an old photo (found here) that I have rejigged using a few of the techniques I have learnt recently.


I also thought it was about time that I had a go at writing a tutorial, so please read on below if you want to find out how I treated the image.


I am sure that a lot of you will know these techniques already, but if you have anything to add (or could suggest a better way of doing things) please chip in. Also if anyone wants me to elaborate on anything please say, as, like I said, it's my first attempt at writing a tutorial so it may go over some people's heads.


If you like this one then I may have a go at writing some more later on and putting them in a set together.

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Taken on February 27, 2006