Obey - Obey indeed!

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    Welcome Violet Blue and Moonbattery readers. I love how both of these blogs have characterized this photo in totally different ways!

    Shepard Fairey fans: He has a show (The Duality Of Humanity) in SF at White Walls now through October 4th.

    Dunno if Shepard Fairey was involved in this version - I suspect he wasn't. I love his Obama respin of Obey.

    Photo snapped at the Folsom Street Fair, 2008.

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    1. vicmill 68 months ago | reply

      You are in juxtaposition Hell, Jon, and I love the view.

    2. ?WHO KNOWS? 68 months ago | reply

      thats a diss 2 shep and obama

    3. effelbee 67 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot!

    4. Bonus Saves 67 months ago | reply

      Who Knows: i kindof agree that it could be a diss, but at the same time this is one big gay event in San Fran. It could've just been somebody with a liking for Shep, who wanted to put a "gay" spin (and potentially possitive i might add) to it. If you look at other pic's from this series, you'll see two versions of the poster side by side, without any additional markings representing a diss. Given, they are not the orig. HOPE posters, but anythings possible.
      check this out:

      or this:

    5. Rath & Some 64 months ago | reply

      He spent his whole life studying propaganda
      He spent his whole life reproducing it.
      Putting old propaganda back in the people's face
      We see it everywhere. wondered who was doing it.
      He liked the attention. gave up the mystery gave up his face
      We like him even more. we bought his reproduced posters
      We wore his tshirts like the whores we are.
      we funded him to keep spreading his message.
      we thought he was speaking for us the people
      we thought he was underground diy

      he drops a dirty bomb on us. OBAMA
      we like him even more.
      other more major propaganda sources
      call him person of the year
      an icon-maker

      Turns out he was a slave to the man all along
      we've been tricked my fake magic
      hoodwinked bamboozeled

      SHEPARD FAIREY is a myth.
      of medieval Scottish origin
      from the Gaelic 'O'Fearadhaigh'


      has a seal described as follows: 'his seal bears a wolf or fox, crozier in paw and mitred, preaching to bird in tree, a dog and rabbit'.

      a shepard gathers the sheeple and brings them to man

      He tells us over and over to OBEY


      This is mass brainwashing mind control at its finest

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