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Lynnsey. #Flickr12Days | by JonathanYacoub
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Lynnsey. #Flickr12Days

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I like this picture, i walked into this shoot with only one shot in mind that i really wanted to achieve. It was this one, i knew i wanted to place lynnsey in tall grass, have her lay down, and get a shot upside down like this from a higher angle. Im glad it worked out like i had planned :).


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Hello friends! The day has happened, i have officially lost all exclusivity of Lynnsey to my flickr/port/everything else photo related. Its a terrible day. We had our last montly Brotographer's meetup at Daniel's house. He lives in a mansion, no seriously. A mansion! It was just 20 dudes hanging around and poor little Lynnsey was one of the only models for most of the day. So she got bombarded with photogs in her face, but she handled it really well! :). It was a great day, one ill remember for probably the rest of my life. Surrounded with genuine, awesome, talented friends. I love it <3. Now that midterms are over, i can write a real description, or as many of my friends call it "a novel description". So the meet up was last Saturday, Derren met me in chino hills shortly after i went on a blu ray escapade (a lot of blockbusters are closing down in SoCal and they are selling new release titles used for like 4$). I collect blu rays if any of you guys didnt know. I have too many. Its honestly stupid. Either way, Derren met up with me in Chino Hills and we carpooled over to Diamond Bar together. We sat at the entrance to the super rich neighborhood the country for like 45 minutes because this huge truck in front of us was being gay. We finally got in and as we were driving up to Daniel's mansion we were looking at all these other Mansions; 10 thousand square feet homes, 6-8 car garages, Ferraris, lambos, so many crazy cars. Derren and i were getting so giddy in the car, giggling to eachother. Im sure we looked like women from a far, with our fingernails at our mouths trying to contain our excitement. We got to Daniel's house and it was like every other Mansion. it was HUGE. Damn. An indoor pool, and such beautiful large windows. Beautiful window light. There was about 20 dudes at the meet up, we had some delicious pizza and soda brought by the amazing Air Butch. We then scoped out locations, picked up Lynnsey and got right into shooting. It was so much fun, ill post the two BTS videos from that day below :D. About 10 minutes into shooting at a certain open location we got harassed by Security. NBD. Then 3 other Models came for some white wall racy stuff. I didnt really get into that, i just kicked back and chilled with some peeps. Afterwards the gang went to BJ's for dinner, it was a good way to end the day! Thats all i got for this description.



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You can visit the brotog fan page here and see most of the Bro's work. We have members from all around the world, its really a great group. But the SoCal division is the best :P.


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Taken on February 25, 2012