• This slightly takes away. but 1000ISO!! uhuu that is just a touch overrated, i guess! - --Rahu--
  • I hear you about the iso. But I bumped it up that high for two reasons - 1) it was getting dark, 2) because they are moving I need to be shooting fast but closed down so the speed and DOF allow me to stay mostly in focus. Thus the oddly high iso.
  • Like I wrote, it's intentional. the photo should feel unprofessional - like she shines through the shots of a bad photographer. It's what casting directors look for.
  • Fixed!
    Not that it matters ... even with the sign, the good outweighs any negative - -nyctreeman-

Friend Headshots - and a discussion

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I've watched hundreds of directors flip through thousands of headshots and I'm always surprised that actors and models don't understand what they want.

They need 2 photos:

1) one where it's obvious you spent a lot of money. It tells them either your agent or you have a lot of faith in you or that you work enough to afford it. Gives them confidence.

2) A snapshot where it looks like "you are better than the photographer". They have seen thousands of perfectly taken perfectly retouched photos that make somebody drab appear both amazing and unrecognizable. A bad photo where you happen to look great makes them say "wow, imagine how fantastic she could look with a pro."

My acting buddies have recently started asking me more often to do their headshots. This is Hu Jieqong, young good rising actress in China. These shots are from the "fake snapshot" day. They are supposed to look a little unskilled and unpro so that her beauty shines through even a bad photo. "Expensive Photo" day sometime next week.

Opinions? On this and the ones below?

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  1. Jon Siegel 66 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot, the timing is fantastic with the amount of sunlight over the buildings to the left. Nice mood too.

  2. *julia 66 months ago | reply

    The posted image looks far too professional, despite the blown out sky. The first image in comments is flattering, makes her look unusually pretty for a "real girl", and yet looks like a snapshot. The other photos don't make her pop forth, not for this purpose anyway.

  3. GraemeNicol 66 months ago | reply

    insightful commentary too

  4. GraemeNicol 66 months ago | reply

    from trying to book models for advertising shoots last year (essentially looking for acting ability rather than poses), ive seen so many models send in "pro" studio headshots which completely obliterate how they actually look, that id guess such a photo is becoming near to worthless in a portfolio. in fact aspiring actors who wereclued.up would actually model for free for us because they knew a good advertising photo was worth more to them for acting work than most images (other than say a film still…)

  5. Jonathan Kos-Read 66 months ago | reply

    Graeme Nicol Exactly. I sit with casting directors as they flip through stacks of hundreds of photos of girls with a dream. Each photo gets literally like 0.3 seconds. There are three resulting piles - the ones they like, the ones they don't, and the ones where they can't tell what the girl looks like. Casting directors are so sick of and dislike those so much that to punish the girls, they use the photos as place mats and scrap paper. So you have these poor girls with their bleached out eyes and PS'd skin and their photos sit around the office with coffee stains and phone numbers on their faces.

    Also re: the actors working for free for the pics, that makes sense. They're looking at paying in the neighborhood of 2000 to 4000 dollars to get really pro headshots. Whereas they get them for free for a day's work from you.

  6. 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠ 66 months ago | reply

    Long story in yesterday's New York Times about rich Chinese men paying thousands of dollars for the perfect woman, there are services (headhunters) who cruise the shopping malls looking for eligible young women.

  7. K C Lee 66 months ago | reply

    great shot!

  8. gothamruins 66 months ago | reply

    Wow awesome and very natural portrait...just read through all the comments and I disagree with most of the harsher comments...doesn't looked posed at all. great shot!

  9. walkingsoftly69 64 months ago | reply

    Simple and beautiful, nice shot

  10. Womenworldwideweb 62 months ago | reply

    Beautiful image IIII

  11. etylee 59 months ago | reply

    I fave this image mainly for the discussion and commentaries.

  12. michelledh 34 months ago | reply

    Is this her? Or a fake account?


  13. Jonathan Kos-Read 34 months ago | reply

    Michelle Harris It's fake. She's a buddy of mine and would think it was funny. She both doesn't speak English and doesn't sell things.

  14. michelledh 34 months ago | reply

    I thought as much that's why I searched on the picture and arrived here ...

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