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Battle Scenes #2

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I've been feeling a gentle current (both in and out of Flickr) that I'm over-shopping photos.

Knowing where to draw the line is difficult. In any case, here is a photo which, other than a RAW conversion and a crop, is SOOC.

Another day with only one scene, so I hung around our battle set taking pictures.

DMU: Not trying to VW. Just curious about the difference between the Icebox and DM*U.

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  1. itspiv 38 months ago | reply

    I think it's in two voting groups at the same time

  2. Jonathan Kos-Read 38 months ago | reply

    No. It finished in a non-voting critique group called Life Through A Lens. Then I posted it here.

  3. itspiv 38 months ago | reply

    So nobody votes in Photo madness... It's all an illusion
    Then I really DIDN'T lose to BB! w00t...

  4. jakerome 38 months ago | reply

    I think it's it can't be in two groups where you vote in the photo comments at the same time.

  5. itspiv 38 months ago | reply

    spoil my rant, whydoncha?

  6. Jonathan Kos-Read 38 months ago | reply

    I had understood it like jakerome wrote - as practical rule to not "gum up the works". But I can remove it here if any admin feels it's a problem.

    Also, to be honest, I hadn't realized r2 of MPM started so soon. I came home to an ominous "the-clock-is-ticking" fmail from the emperor. Clicked over and posted it.

  7. J-Bones 38 months ago | reply

    The set is impressive. The photo isn't.

    I think not leaning on PS so much is a good direction to take though.


  8. user2.1 [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

    Nice acton man set.

    -Voted "deleted" (by the DEL*TE ME! Uncensored Grou)

  9. ras cop 38 months ago | reply

    maaaannnnnnnnnn!!! at first glance i was thinking, "OMG! this guy's in the middle of a battle doing embedded photo journalistic work. tough work!" then i see the camera boom & the cameraman with his assistant in the foreground. MOVIE SET, AWESOME! great shot!

  10. دَرِّن 38 months ago | reply

    yeah finally a shot on set i like. elbow at left is awkward but who can say no to exploding dummies?


  11. Lawrie M 38 months ago | reply


    -Voted "deleted10" (by the DEL*ETE ME! Uncensored Group)

  12. memetic 37 months ago | reply

    You managed get a lot of stuff happening in one shot. Muzzle flash and an explosion!

    What's the movie called?

  13. blauepics 36 months ago | reply

    A real eye-catcher!
    I assume the movie it is about a Chinese platoon in their fight defending China. They are wearing German helmets (look brand new) which were common within Chiangs elite divisions (87th and 88th)...have things changed in China and anything that has to do with Chiang can be presented now in a movie?

  14. Jonathan Kos-Read 31 months ago | reply

    Can't see how I missed this comment. Would have answered. Yes. The way Chiang can be presented is changing. In this show he isn't pure evil. He is a leader who loves china presented with an impossible problem and there is a chance he will make the good decision but in the end he is weak and chooses wrong. So it's explicitly about his non-evilness: he wants to do good but is brought down in the end by paranoia.

  15. blauepics 31 months ago | reply

    Never mind and thanks for the reply. Interesting changes anyhow, isn't it? Good and bad sides, as in anyone...the good: he united China. While the bad, in order to unite, he had to allow too much bad and corruption which made him lose all in the end.
    But the shot is great and seems to be an impressive movie :-)

  16. cunlijing 25 months ago | reply

    Wow, very dangerous.

  17. Pep Iglesias 20 months ago | reply

    Una escena muy bien aprovechada, con tanta cantidad de cámaras será difícil no sacar alguna en el plano.

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