Tibetan Village Head

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    1. zalkr 50 months ago | reply

      chopped his head, might as well chop the rest of it

    2. Jonathan Kos-Read 50 months ago | reply

      Sometimes they're acting. Sometimes I pull them aside. Sometimes it's later. This is on set during a scene. He's a Tibetan actor.

    3. Mait Jüriado 50 months ago | reply

      you cut off his head.

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    4. JoshMarvel 50 months ago | reply

      I like the oddly colored background, expression and lighting. I don't mind the crop, either.


    5. !STORAX 50 months ago | reply

      Good stuff all around


    6. dave was already taken 50 months ago | reply

      Love the lighting, don't care about the anal crop bullshit that gets DMU's panties in a wad.


      ps: Try my trick, Jonathan, and post the same hot girl over and over. Not that it works, but I like it.

    7. Elisa Deljanin Padula [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

      Great lighting, but his head crop is bothering me. Also, what is that blue line on the right side of his face?


    8. nixter 50 months ago | reply

      good mood lighting

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    9. Troy Holden 50 months ago | reply

      looks a little overcooked. also don't like the crop.


    10. Warriorwriter 50 months ago | reply

      Great light and colors. I'd save with a better crop. delete.

    11. farastrio 50 months ago | reply

      Great portrait.

    12. Not Living, Just Killing Time 50 months ago | reply

      Very nice bokeh on this one. Save 6

    13. Michael Roberts, Canadian 50 months ago | reply

      Kinda interesting.

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    14. Jeffhubbard 50 months ago | reply

      Today is anti crop-head day. I forgor to tell you, that is every 6th monday of the month.

      Great swirling kaleidascope of colours, and a fab look from the Actor. It is my day to be anal though. The left side of his face ( his left) seems all wrong, with a slight 'salvaged' look. From his eye to nearly the top of his moustache there is a halo that appears to come from heavy use of the clarity slider in lightroom, and the skin on that cheek appears to have had a smoothing job that would do credit to the makers of Mr Whippy ice cream. I may be wrong about where these problems orignated but viewed in original size they are too obvious not to mention. So, not quite.


    15. jeff o_o 50 months ago | reply

      Half a hair too dark for me but pretty good. You've had better through here.


    16. Crick3 50 months ago | reply

      Atilla the None.

    17. ChuckSchultz 50 months ago | reply

      i'm ignoring all the empty space on the left

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    18. leesure 50 months ago | reply

      Your submission has been voted as unworthy of the Lightbox and given a delete10 by the highly qualified fo-toe editors of the DeleteMe Uncensored Group.

      Please add a small size of your fo-toe to The Deleted Picture Repository.

    19. RUSSIANTEXAN © 49 months ago | reply

      Magical light!
      Powerful portrait.

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