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Me | by Jonathan Kos-Read
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Rachel Melton gave me this Push:


Jonathan -


Your photo stream is widely varied. Not to mention extremely good. Obviously, and as several people have noted in the past, you have a majority of people shots. And you also have a majority of people/moody shots. Don't get me wrong, you do very well at those. I like moody photos, myself.

I've also noted that you're shooting in manual a lot. (From what the Exif on some of your photos tell me.) That probably means you pretty much know what you're doing. So, there's not much use issuing you a push to shoot in manual or learn to use settings...ect.


With that in mind, here's your challenge.


Take a conceptual self portrait. It can be a wide angle portrait or a straightforward type of shot. (Though a straightforward one can be slightly monotonous, and from what I've seen, you're not a monotonous person.) You don't have to face the camera - you can be facing in any direction, as long as you are clearly the main subject of the photo. Including a second person will work, but you've still got to be part of the main subject. The photo must have a clear meaning or emotion, whether it be moody or cheery and secondary meanings count as bonuses.


Enjoy the challenge!




For me this was difficult. I work in front of the camera. I've been shot really every possible way there is to shoot and there was really nothing I wanted to add to that. So this push just sat on the shelf for like a year. Anyway, recently a photo mag interviewed me and wanted to set up a shoot for the header photo. I said "why don't you let me shoot myself" They agreed and this is the result. The weird makeup is because of my Chinese name - most famous hero/villain in Chinese history - the mag thought it would be interesting if they made up half my face as the Beijing Opera character. It was a good idea. While I was shooting it, Rachel's push was rolling around in the back of my head.

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Taken on January 23, 2014