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1994 in "The Logbook" | by JCHaywire
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1994 in "The Logbook"

The definite article "the" is part of the weird ham radio ergot that's kind of funny. "The Shack," "The XYL" (wife), "The Rig..." It all brings the terminology into a sort of detached space--far less intimate than my wife, my rig, my shack, my antenna. Oddly, that seems too un-radio or something.


This is my logbook, the first pages from my first ever QSOs (radio conversations) in 1994. I was living in Olympia, WA and had gotten a my first radio, a Kenwood TS-130, and had put a pretty impressive dipole up on the roof. I suppose I have a photo somewhere, but this was all pre-scanner, so it's in an attic in Saint Paul with millions of other photos.


My morse code was SUPER SLOW, which means it was about 5 WPM. That's the word P-A-R-I-S five times in a minute. "Paris" is a word chosen because it contains the average amount of dits, dahs, and spaces of what's the average word, I guess.

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