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Japanese Jehovah's Witnesses. | by JCHaywire
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Japanese Jehovah's Witnesses.

I got a text from my neighbor guy and he says, "There's a couple foreigners at your door, looking for you--in a green car." So I raced home on my bike to see what it was, and found this in the door mail slot. Now, to be fair, I have never told the Jehovah's Witnesses to leave us alone. I did a brief and earnest stint as a door-to-door evangelist in a past life, that would be 20 years ago now--in Ireland. Long story short, I have a somewhat perverse interest in engaging these folks.


Aside from being an avid "arguist," I like to see if I can get them to listen as much as they spew. I have some sense of what they must feel, the burden they must feel for we lost folks whose doors they knock up all day long. Way I see it, they're in a great position to learn from all the people they encounter--and they should be picking up trash on their way, too. The sad reality is that they DON'T pick up any trash, and they don't honestly want anything to do with our family beyond putting another notch in their whatever they are making notches in. The particulars of their being Jehovah's Witnesses in an ostensibly areligious (?) country like Japan, and ripples they make when they interact with their own families--that's the stuff I want to know from these people.


I also make it a point to get their home addresses and full names--after all, they seem to know mine pretty well. Kind of like Jerry Seinfeld says about telemarketers, about whether or not he can call them at their home, too--I ask them if I can drop in unannounced and engage them likewise.

...really, I should let go of this. Haha.


On top of that--these people speak pretty damn good English. Between their weirdly smiling patronizing nods of faux approval, they gush out with some pretty good Yankee speak. I really want to know on what whiteboard, database, bulletin board our family is posted--and what rating they give us.


"Potential converts!"

"Approaching conversion."

"Wife friendly but curt/Husband smiling but given to intense argument (send males)."

"Accept literature readily. Keep visiting."

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Taken on December 5, 2007