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If There Were Elves... | by Jonas Thomén
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If There Were Elves...

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"On lake shores, where the forest met the lake, you could find elf circles. They were round places where the grass had been flattened like a floor. Elves had danced there. It could be dangerous and one could become ill if one had trodden over such a place or if one destroyed anything there."


An Elf is a mythical creature of Germanic mythology / paganism which still survives in northern European folklore. In Norse mythology they were originally a race of minor gods of nature and fertility. Elves are often pictured as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty living in forests and other natural places, underground, or in wells and springs. They have been portrayed to be long-lived or immortal and they have magical powers attributed to them.


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A quite heavily postprocessed photograph.. The process is something like this.. First it's a three exposure HDR image -3ev, -1ev, +1ev.. to get all the colours of the sunrise.. then merged and tonemapped in photoshop, after that it's quite heavily dodged and burned and saturated / desaturated and so on until I got the dramatic effect I was looking for. then sharpened and uploaded to flickr.. it's a maybe 6-8 hours worth of postprocessing.. but I am happy with the result =)


I have the same problem as the rest of the mac world it seems, with gamma, so if you are looking with a windows computer it will unfortunally look too dark, like the rest of my images... If anyone got a clue on how to fix that please tell me..


I like to hear what you think. I love creative comments, I have no problem with negative such as long as it's somewhat constructive.




For the Critical Masses group:


About the aim, I wanted it to look like something from the mythologies, they say where the fairies dances there are this sweeping fog.. and the sky was really dramatic, almost like a fairytale.. I want to take your imagination and sweep it into this mystical land of the past... The aim is NOT to show of hdr skills

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Taken on August 10, 2006