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The temple shall be the site of a rumble | by jon_a_ross
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The temple shall be the site of a rumble

Warhammer battle report Daemon Hunters vs. Imperial Guard

1000 points, spearhead deployment, Annihilation mission.


This would be the first time fielding the daemon hunters for me. The battlefield was left set up as it was for the guard vs. necron battle. The logic behind this is that the Grey Knights were not sure if it was a daemonic attack or something else that the guard were able to drive off. The goal of the Grey Knights was to claim the area, search it for clues and then, if required, save the souls of the tainted guardsmen who battled the daemons.


My Grey knights therefore launched their attack with the required two troop choices, taking the third as a fast attack and therefore able to deep strike unit. A hero in terminator armour would lead them. And a Purgation Squad and the Lance off their strike curser would be the heavy support.


The imperial guard were taking three chimera’s loaded with troops, a large block of troops on the ground and heavy weapons to guard the sides. The plan for the guard was to shift their troops into the ruins while the chimera’s curved around the battlefield sweeping up the Grey knights as they did so.


(turn 1)

Grey knights have one troop squad move forward, armed with two psy-cannons. The second troop squad, with it’s two flamers hungry for foes. The purgation squad sits on the hill and attempts to blast the guard. They have range but the damage dealt is minor.


The guard move forward. The full weight of the guard comes down on the five man grey knights unit with the psy-cannons. Only one grey knight survives.


(turn 2)

Grey knights know they are in trouble. They have lost 20% of their troops and dealt almost no damage in return. They also fail to get both of their re-enforcements. The purgation squad fires into the guard, scoring some death.


The imperial guard roll forward, their chimera wall pushing along the north side. The rest of their troops pour into the center. Weapons fire claims a handful of grey knights, dropping the grey knights down to 65% left.


(turn 3)

The grey knights get their re-enforcements, the lance blast strikes into the center temple killing 8. A grey knight squad deep strikes, lead by the terminator hero, fires into a heavy weapons team. Other light losses occur on the guard.


The imperial guard keep rolling forward like a steamroller. Another handful of Grey Knights fall.


(turn 4)

The grey knights blast into the imperial guard. The lance blasts a number, and the Grey knight with the flamer cooks some more. The psy-cannons on the hill blast another couple. The Grey knight hero and his team also add their fire into the guard. Three troops remain standing outside of the chimera. In kill points the grey knights have won, as long as they don’t get wiped out.


The chimera and guard keep rolling ahead on turn 4. They finish off the final grey knight trooper who was in the middle, as well as pick away at the Purgation squad on the hill.


(turn 5)

The Grey knights, victory close, but not close enough, fire into the chimeras trying to at least slow them down. No luck.


The guard, in turn, roll ahead with their tank wave. One chimera gets up to the grey knight purgation squad and unloads a full load of ogryn. The other two chimeras unload their loads of storm troopers on the grey knight hero and squad. It ends quickly, as the grey knights are shot to death.


Victory guard.

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Taken on January 29, 2010